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Cotton Mill History

River Mill History

Once known as the Eagle Cotton Mill, this outstanding complex was built by local builders Robert Rankin and James White in 1884 for the Eagle Cotton Company of Pittsburgh. The six acre river parcel contained the main four-story "mill" building, an adjunct office wing, a two-story "boiler" building, a three-story "cotton picker" and one "cotton separation" building.

The main building was designed at 150 lbs/sqft to support a 10,000 spindle mill together with the live load of the largest workforce in Madison at the time...

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The most progressive and innovative resort destination in the Midwest, River Mill Resort is the pioneer project of River Mill Preservation Company's "Historic Museum Hotel" concept. Exhibits featuring natural history, cultural history, folk art and environmental art are but a few of the backdrops for visitors and travelers to peruse. Art workshops and educational events offer options for our guests' leisure.

In final stages of negotiation with some of the world's leading operators, RMR will soon become affiliated with world renowned historic and luxury resort brands.

The resort offers superb dining and entertainment, with spa, health club, shopping, hiking and water sports activities. Set on a prime Ohio River waterfront location in Madison, Indiana's National Historic Landmark District, the lofted 1884 former cotton mill complex is situated in the heart of the golden triangle of Louisville (45 mi SW), Cincinnati (55 mi NE) and Indianapolis (75 mi N).

Fully furnished with handcrafted furniture, artwork, and luxury finishes. Master builder/preservationist Robert Przewlocki heads the planning and design work for the project Restaurants, theater, spa, health club and marina are just a few of the amenities at RMR.

Historic Museum Hotel


The three upper floors of the historic mill building are comprised of the sustainably designed 74 loft style rooms. Each will be masterfully crafted with antique reclaimed flooring, specialty designed furnishings and accouterment. Energy Star™ appliances, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems highlight the timber and brick spaces. Unsurpassed indoor air quality is a hallmark of the project.



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Food & Beverage


Our restaurant and food service is designed to support not only requisite hotel guests' needs but caters to tourists and regional residents alike.


With over 34,000 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor designated for such, we have carefully integrated the F&B into the complex to maximize profit potential. Please contact us for information how to be an integral part of River Mill Resort and this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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With over 350 feet of riverfront, River Mill Resort Marina is designed to hold over sixty boats and watercraft. With a backdrop of Kentucky and Indiana hills, enthusiasts can trace historic routes to ports along the Ohio River scenic byway, including Louisville and Cincinnati that are short jaunts away. This will undoubtedly be the premier locale on the Belle Riviere for years to come.

Looking Out

Also planned are static and live outdoor museum exhibits featuring historic rivercraft throughout the ages.

Commercial Leases

Food and Beverage




River Mill Resort offers several lease opportunities with over 10,000 sq ft of kiosk and retail space available. These profit centers are distributed around the site, taking advantage of hotel, tourist and neighborhood shopping patterns. Select from our floor plan below of non-contracted units.

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